Our Origins

A Carpool Leads to An Idea.

The inspiration for Theragent stems from a simple question that Drs. Yun Yen and Frank Luh asked each other while carpooling after attending a cancer research conference– how can we accelerate the delivery of life saving advanced therapies to patients enrolled in clinical trials?

They recognized that the process of translating early discoveries into effective treatments for patients is often plagued by clinical trial delays, high costs, lack of clinical manufacturing expertise, and, ultimately, unsuccessful outcomes.

Confronted with these roadblocks, Drs. Yen and Frank envisioned establishing a company that would harness a collective knowledge of advanced therapy research, development, and manufacturing expertise and offer these services to the world – so that no patient would be left behind.

This is Theragent.

We are a full-service, cGMP compliant cell and gene therapy CDMO based in Southern California. Our industry-leading expertise and experience, state-of-the-art technologies, and multiple integrated discovery platforms help our clients and their advanced therapies reach both clinical and commercial success.