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Mission, Vision, and Values


At Theragent, we translate research concepts to scalable, manufacturable therapies for patients.


To manufacture and deliver high quality, reliable, and value-added therapeutic solutions for biopharma clients and patients.


To be recognized by our clients as a world class leader in Development and Manufacturing Capabilities that contribute toward advancing medicine through cell and gene therapy.


Our Values and Guiding Principles

  • Commitment to Innovating and developing solutions in medicine and science technology
  • Transparent in our business practices, company communication, and actions
  • Hold ourselves Accountable to our goals, expectations, and productivity
  • Demonstrate Honesty and Integrity in our daily actions
  • Passion to always Learn and Continuously Improve
  • Uncompromising Dedication to Safety, Quality, and Compliance
  • Relentless focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Celebrate Diversity in background, culture, and perspective
  • Resolve Differences with Humility and Compassion
  • Engrained Sense of Urgency