Research & Development


Our seasoned team of R&D scientists sets us apart.

Cell therapies bring enormous potential to transform the treatment of cancer and rare diseases. We not only bring experienced immunology and oncology R&D scientists, but a broader view that includes translational medicine and drug discovery in industry, academic, and hospital environments. Tap into our wealth of cell therapy R&D experience to augment your internal capabilities.

The Approach

We can integrate our multi-disciplinary, in-house preclinical research capabilities with yours to bring new perspectives on your cell and gene therapy candidates. When time is of the essence, our R&D services can accelerate the preclinical development of your product, whether it be a CAR-T oncology product, NK-based immunotherapy, or other cell-based modality.

Primary Screening

  • Protein production
  • Flow cytometry

Cell Line Generation

  • Transcriptional reporters
  • Target cell lines for cytotoxicity

Process Establishment

  • Designing for manufacturability

Characterization and Potency

  • Cell Phenotype
  • Cell-based assays
  • Cytokine release


Our Discovery Lab in Covina, CA is the nexus of our R&D support activities. Our capabilities include primary T cell culture and engineering, cell-based and immunoassays, flow cytometry, stable cell line development, and cloning. It serves as a gateway to partner early with our clients in their drug development pipeline. Our dedicated staff of scientists bring forth their experiences at the top research universities, cancer institutes, and CGT companies in the US and UK to accelerate your research and development program.