Success starts with people.

At Theragent, our staff are our most valuable asset. Our company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing life-saving therapies for clients and patients around the world. All of us at Theragent recognize the fragility of life and the opportunity we have each day to make a difference in a patient’s life. We are inspired and committed to contribute to the advancement of science, but more importantly to give patients hope and bring forth potential cures. We are proud of the family we’ve built at Theragent, and we’re always looking for talented individuals to join us.

We all have our own personal reasons for working at Theragent:


Many of us are here because we have a personal connection to Theragent’s mission. Some of us have friends and family members who have been impacted by a terminal disease. Knowing our work at Theragent results in a medicine that will be administered to a patient in need is a humbling experience that instills respect, trust, and admiration. It also drives us to deliver our best in quality, value, and service every day.

Scientific Innovation

We deliver more than just a batch of products. Every project is the result of our shared dedication, ideas, and devotion. We are innovators and creators at heart, and we love what we do. Our uncompromising passion for science drives us to keep learning and improving as we go.

Our Team

At Theragent, we are committed to investing in our culture and the Theragent family. We strive to maintain a welcoming workplace that promotes teamwork, integrity, and diversity. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and our best work happens when different perspectives are included. We will always champion our employees to create a positive impact on the people around them.

Our goal is to not only serve clients, but to serve a greater purpose—our community, our loved ones, and each other.

Check our job board for opportunities to join Theragent and help make a difference in someone’s life. You can also send inquiries to

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