Supply Chain

Transparent supply chain management that is fully visible to you.

Today’s CGT supply chain management requires proactive planning and implementation of modern ERP systems to streamline logistics and better comply with cold chain requirements and time sensitivity of your cell or gene therapy. Further, with industry-wide raw material and consumables demand at an all-time high, automated systems that integrate supply chain with demand planning help to ensure that material is available when your process needs it – and we make this all visible to you through our secure web portal.

The Approach

We harness the power of fully electronic, paperless supply chain management to ensure a data-driven approach to the complex logistics of today’s manufacturing. We start with an ERP platform that not only drives demand in advance of supply shortages, but also tracks patient samples from time of procurement until time of treatment.

Implement a Modern ERP System

From barcoded sample inputs to cryo-preservation storage/ distribution monitoring to electronic batch records

Integrate Supply and Demand Planning

Forecasting your demand while actively managing and expediting suppliers to meet the forecast

Provide Visibility to the Client

Complete and real-time visibility of your product throughout its life cycle available through a secure web portal

End-to-end Management

Automated patient sample scheduling from vein to vein

Supply Chain

We believe that supply chain management success
is driven by our technology as well as our people. Our powerful ERP system provides advanced warning of potential inventory shortfalls to drive demand in advance of inventory shortages. In addition, our supply chain team are much more than purchasers – they cultivate relationships with suppliers, as sometimes it is that key phone call to a critical supplier requesting a certificate of analysis that will ensure the timely success of your manufacturing run.

We also take pride in the transparency we offer to our clients by giving you real-time visibility of your product as it flows through our facility.